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Natural Family Planning (NFP)-

What is it and how does it work?


NFP is short for "Natural Family Planning".  Natural Family Planning methods are based on the observation and recording of the naturally occuring and observable signs of a woman's monthly fertile signs.   There are no chemicals, devices or barriers used.  NFP is not the rhythm method.

Did you Know?

                      -Men are potentially fertile at all times?

                      -Women are only fertile about 100 hours a month?

                      -Women have recognizable fertile signs that can be easily seen and felt?


       ~ If a couple knows how to interpret and act around these signs, they can plan their family with the highest degree of effectiveness.~

The Ovulation Method:

A Highly Effective Method of Fertility Awareness


The Ovulation Method, developed by Doctors John and Evelyn Billings and perfected and simpliflied by Mercedes Arzu Wilson, is the observation and recording of cervical mucus secretions that are present around the time of ovulation in order to achieve or postpone pregnancy. 


It is a natural method of understanding fertility which gives women knowledge of their own bodies. By observing the presence or absence of mucus (the white period), a woman can easily and successfully identify the fertile and infertile times of each cycle.


Every woman can identify the appearance of her 'red period' by what she sees and what she feels.  She can also indentify her 'white period' by what she sees and feels.  When the couple knows the significance of the 'white period' and how to act around it in order to achieve or postpone pregnancy, they have the most effective method to plan their family.  

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The 'white period' is very significant to fertility.  Three things are necessary for conception: an egg, sperm and cervical mucus (the 'white period').  Cervical mucus is essential for conception, without it, conception cannot occur.   Because of this, the method can be used confidently by women in all stages of reproduction and does not

depend on regularity cycles.


The Ovulation Method: 

-Scientifically and Medically Proven
-Highly Effective for Planning a Pregnancy
-98-99% Effective for Postponing Pregnancy
-Easy to Learn and Follow
-100% Natural- No Health Risks or Side Effects
-Works for Women with Regular or Irregular Cycles
-Can Be Used at Every Stage of the Reproductive Cycle
-Husband and Wife Share Responsibility for Family Planning
-Each Cycle Treated As Unique 
-Builds Stronger Marriages
-Low Initial Cost-Then Yours for Life
-Green-Does Not Harm You or the Environment

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Why use NFP and how does it work?

What is the difference between using NFP and using contraception? 

"Understanding the simple facts about the signs of fertility confers considerable power to couples to control their fertility, for achieving as well as preventing conception."

                                     (British Medical Journal, September 1993)