Fertility Study

Family NFP is conducting a new U.S. study on the effectiveness of The Ovulation Method in helping couples to conceive.

This is a very exciting study!  As you can see below in the Australian study, the pregnancy rate was 78% with an average time until conception of 4.7 months (the average length of time the couples had tried to conceive unsuccessfully before learning the method was 15 months).

Qualifying couples will receive free instruction in the method. To apply to participate in the fertility study, please fill out the form below.  




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“The Ovulation Method has established itself as the primary management of the problem of infertility.  In general it has a much higher success rate of overcoming this problem than such procedures a In Vitro Fertilization and GIFT (Gamete Intra-Fallopian Transfer); the first and often the only course necessary is to instruct the woman to identify the presence of the slippery, lubricative mucus which can be felt at the vulva at a time of high fertility.”

                                                      (John J Billings M.D., Melbourne 1987)

Study on the Billings Ovulation Method and the Achievement of Pregnancy 
1/1/1999 – 31/12/2003

Study conducted by Research Team of Ovulation Method Research and 
Reference Centre of Australia Ltd

Summary of Results
Study involved all couples who expressed a desire to achieve a pregnancy and 
who attended 17 Australian Billings Ovulation Method™ clinics within the required 
time frame. All couples included regardless of age, cycle length or pre-diagnosed sub-fertile indicators of either partner.

Total Participants 449
Outcome known 358
Outcome unknown 91

Total pregnancies 278 of 358
Pregnancy Rate 78%
Known Live Birth rate 61% (169 of 278)
Possible Live Birth rate*
*14 still pregnant at end of study; 
outcome of pregnancy unknown for 62 couples.
88% (169+76 = 245 of 278)

Known Miscarriages 
[Of these, six advised subsequent live births within the study time and four were still pregnant.  These pregnancies were not included in the results.]

Average months trying to achieve for all couples in study 
before coming to Billings Ovulation Method™ clinic

33 of 278

15 months

Average months from initial instruction in Billings Ovulation Method™ to conception 4.7 months
Couples who were childless 60%
Prior knowledge of signs of fertility 18%

207 women in the study were classified as sub-fertile – trying to achieve a pregnancy for more than 12 months 
(e.g. 20 couples had been unsuccessful with IVF/AI – 7 achieved pregnancy with Billings Ovulation Method™)  Outcome known for 172:

Known pregnancy rate for this sub-fertile group 111/172 65%
65 subjects over 38 yrs old - known pregnancy rate 32/48 66%

Of the 17 couples who had previously attempted InVitro Fertilisation (IVF) without success, 5 of 17 (29%) conceived with Billings Ovulation Method™ guidelines only.

93% stated they were satisfied and would recommend Billings Ovulation Method™ to others.
95% stated that the Billings Ovulation Method™ gave an understanding of fertility and infertility.