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Resources to assist priests in promoting Humanae Vitae and NFP



NFP Outreach

Awesome Resource! 

I have heard Father McCaffrey of NFP Outreach preach about NFP/HV during a Parish Mission.  His approach is loving, funny and dynamic and often gets applause.  Can you imagine- applause for a homily on natural family planning and one that confronts such a difficult and controversial topic such as contraception?  People are very weary and suffering from the effects of contraception and they are hungry for truth.  They just rarely get to hear the Church's teaching on this topic and they are surrounded and bombarded at every turn with the world's counterfeit.  



Homily Helps


               Parish Missions  


NFP Outreach is a comprehensive clearinghouse for accurate, practical, up-to-date information on Natural Family Planning, its practice, its effectiveness, its benefits and its underlying moral principles. 


Excellent NFP/HV Pamphlets and Materials:

One More Soul

Our Sunday Visitor

To Order the CD- "Contraception, Why Not?" by Janet Smith, PhD






HV/NFP Packets for Priests-

I have spoken about NFP at several deanery meetings.  Each time the priests were enthusiastic and supportive. The question was, "How do we do this?"

This packet is designed to give you simple, effective ways to introduce your parish to NFP and the principles of Humanae Vitae.  

There is no cost for the packet.


      A clear, straightforward, 10-point to-do list to promote HV/NFP in the parish.

      2 CD's:              

             1. “Why NFP is a Priority in my Parish” 

             2. “Contraception, Why Not?” 

      5 Brochures:

          For Parish-

           1. “Sex and Contraception” by Janet E. Smith

           2. “What is Natural Family Planning?”  

           3. “What Do We Do Now?-Making the Switch From Contraception to NFP” 

         For Priests:

           1."Getting Beyond, I Can't"   by Father McCaffrey

           2."Parish Missions"  NFP Outreach  

      1 Bulletin Insert-Flier: (to duplicate)

          1. The Benefits of NFP with local teachers/dates of classes

      1 Resource List:

          1. Where to purchase more of the materials  


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