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The Ovulation Method is 99% Effective in Postponing Pregnancy



Works for Everyone

The Ovulation Method can be used at every stage of a woman's reproductive cycle. It can be used with confidence by women who have regular or irregular cycles, after childbirth, while breastfeeding, and during the onset of menopause.    

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Regular or Irregular Cycles

There are three things that are essential for conception to occur: an egg, sperm and fertile type cervical mucus.  The Ovulation Method teaches a woman how to identify her own fertile signs and then shows her how to act accordingly to either prevent or achieve conception.  This is not the old rhythym method!!  It does not depend on regularity because regular or not, conception cannot occur without the right cervical secretion and every wopman when properly instructed can learn to correctly and accurately identify the appearance and presence of cervical mucus.


100% Natural and Healthy

There are no chemicals, devices or barriers used to practice this method of natural family planning.  It is a method of fertility awareness based solely on the observation and daily recording of the naturally occuring signs of ovulation.  When a woman knows her body and knows how to interpret what she feels and sees, the couple can plan their family without putting their health or environment at risk.


100 Hours!

Men are potentially fertile all the time while women are only potentially fertile about 100 hours a month!

Isn't it infuriating to think about how many women have put their lives and health at risk taking hormonal steroids every day for years when most of the month women are infertile?!


Your Body Knows!

Drs. Billings, Brown and Burger conducted over 850,000 hormonal essays on women at every reproductive stage and found that women were able to identify their peak time of fertility by their own observations as accurately as the scientists could by taking daily hormonal blood and urine samples!!  

This was really an amazing breakthrough and is why the method is 99% effective!  

Mercedes Wilson has written a beautiful and extremely user friendly book that you can use to learn this amazing natural method of birth control.  All you need to do is understand the simple signs of fertility and how to act around them and you have it to use to achieve pregnancy or postpone pregnancy for the rest of your life!

No more harmful and expensive hormones (really steriods- rated as class 1 carcinogens by the W.H.O. -World Health Organization), no more risky side effects and its green, organic and builds stronger relationships.

Reviews of "Love and Fertility" by Mercedes Arzu Wilson:

     "This is a very useful manual on the Billings Ovulation Method, which is a practical method of family planning      for those couples who wish to have a child or to avoid having a child -- and to do so without using              mechanical methods of contraception or introducing chemicals into their bodies.


  What makes this book particularly useful is that it combines Mercedes Wilson's very clear explanation of the way a woman's body works, which any high school student can understand -- this, with a sophisticated appendix explaining the physiology and endocrinology of the menstrual cycle."


The Late Walker Percy, M.D.

Fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Member of the National Institute of Arts & Sciences

Recipient of the National Book Award ‘62

“Mercedes Wilson has written an excellent book that clearly describes a natural method for family planning. Love and Fertility beautifully illustrates the Ovulation Method for determining when to conceive and how to avoid conception. The work will continue to help women throughout the world understand and better control their bodies.”


Armand M. Nicholi, Jr., M.D.

Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

“I am a registered nurse, and I was very skeptical about this book when a friend handed it to me. However, when I read it cover to cover, including all of the research data, I was thoroughly impressed and felt that it all made perfect sense. I left the other methods of birth control that we had been using (and disliking!) behind, and gave Love and Fertility a try. It was simply presented and yet thorough, and it WORKS. We avoided pregnancy for two and a half years, as intended, and then achieved pregnancy with ONE TRY! It had taken four years with our first child, and almost a year for our second. With the third, we followed the Ovulation Method, and it worked immediately! I have shared this book with many friends who wanted "out" of other methods of birth control, and the book has given every one of them the confidence to do so. I cannot say enough about it!” Judith 27

“This book is amazing!  It made understanding my fertility so easy!  I got very sick and had to be careful not to become pregnant for about a year and we used this method and it worked- perfectly.  Several years later we wanted to have another baby and at 42 we used it to conceive and now have a new baby.  I wish I knew about this method when we were first married!” Clare 43


Mercedes Arzu Wilson's "Love and Fertility"


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Illustration from the book "Love and Fertility" used courtesy of Family of the Americas Foundation


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